About Us

Cincinnati Health Institute was created through Dr. Gregory Woeste's evolving vision and beliefs in health and wellness. In 1993, he established Cincinnati Health Institute to educate people about natural healthcare solutions. In 2012, Dr. Andrea Violette joined Dr. Woeste in practice, and they developed the Cincinnati Health Institute supplement and wellness store.


Our Store

Cincinnati Health Institute, a supplement and wellness store, originated to expand the ease of access to essential, professional-grade supplements for our patients and customers. We witnessed the need for reliable, trustworthy, high-quality supplements, protocols, testing resources, and weight loss programs from an authorized, secure online source. As a result, we continually expand our online catalog to help as many clients as possible.   

We offer our own in-house brand developed by our doctors, CHI4Health. CHI4Health was created using patented, third-party-tested, peer-reviewed formulas that achieve measurable results. We have authorized distributorships from over 70 manufacturers. Some brands may require an account and can be found under our “Exclusives” brands.

Our Philosophy

Healing comes from within because the body was designed with the innate ability to heal itself when provided with the proper foundation. Our brands and supplements are chosen for their commitment to quality and proven healing abilities.

Our Goal

We aim to offer resources that fulfill and improve one's health needs through up-to-date natural solutions and methods. To accomplish this, our team works hard to provide research-backed, peer-reviewed, doctor-recommended supplements with the convenience of being delivered right to your door. In addition, our staff stays up to date on the trends and discoveries in nutrition, gut health, detoxification, inflammation, chronic disease, and other health needs to ensure you can shop for what your body needs to function at its best.


Our Commitment

Our commitment to health and wellness extends beyond our store and health clinic. We strive to provide excellent customer service, fast shipping, reliable support, and sustainability. All shipping is done in-house, and our staff works closely with one another to serve our customers best. We offer phone, email, and chat support in the event you need to contact us about your order.

In the Community

Our store has a reuse, recycle and reduce mentality. We recycle as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint, reusing and recycling shipping materials, packing supplies, office goods, and personal items. For example, all of our shredded paper used in the office is donated monthly to the pet adoption center down the street, used for bedding, and more for pets.  

We have a strong commitment to supporting other small businesses in our local community in Cincinnati. If we can source it locally, we do so. For example, we love having fresh plants and flowers in our office and use a small local florist to provide those.