Active Again (Formerly EFAC) Capsules by Hope Science

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Promotes joint health, flexibility and mobility, lubricating cell membranes throughout the body so you can move easier.Authorzied Distributor

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Active Again softgels (90) by Hope Science (Formally EFAC)

Pain Relief

Active Again Capsules promote joint health, flexibility and mobility, lubricating cell membranes throughout the body so you can move easier. Supported by award winning research and science, this new approach to joint health has been shown to be faster and far superior to traditional glucosamine containing products. Active Again improves range of motion and restores joint health with no side effects.

Active Again lubricates cell membranes throughout the body, including the enhancement of fluids that cushion your bones and joints so that you can move with ease. The health of your cell membranes affect numerous conditions, including the “process of aging."

Research showed that after just two weeks on Active Again Capsules, patients with knee discomfort could walk farther. Results continued to improve and after eight weeks. For best results use WITH the Active Again cream.

Also available in 4oz cream jar and 16oz pump
Ingredients and Dosage
Suggested Usage
Take 3 softgels daily.
Take the advice of the doctors at Cincinnati Health Institute and use both the Active Again cream and capsules for best results. Initially, you can apply the cream to the affected area up to 4 times per day. You should take 6 soft gel capsules per day with or without meals, for one month (can be in divided doses). We recommend this higher, therapeutic dose to obtain optimal levels throughout your system.
After one month of use, we recommend starting on the suggested maintenance dose of 3 soft gels. per day and using the cream as needed. The capsules can be taken anytime, with or without food.

Proprietary Blend of Esterified Fatty Acid Complex
Other Ingredients
Rice Bran Oil
Purified Water
Sunflower Lecithin
Mixed Tocopherols

7 Reviews

  • Title of review 891

    Posted by FRANK GILMER on Feb 27th 2022

  • It really does make a difference

    Posted by Anonymous User on Jul 1st 2020

    I have been taking EFAC/Active Again for several years now. I we went off of them a few months ago to see what happens. I will not make that mistake again. The difference in joint pain when I went off of EFAC was astounding. I started taking them again and the effects were noticeable within days. Great product for my aging joints.

  • It really does make a difference

    Posted by Cathie on Mar 5th 2020

    Active Again softgels by Hope Science (Formally EFAC) was recommended to me by a friend. I have been taking them for several years. I ran out and thought I would try going without for awhile and see what happens. It did not take long before I noticed a real difference in my joints, especially my knees. So the test proved to me that the EFAC works. I ordered again right away and won't make that mistake again.

  • Arthritis Pain

    Posted by C. Cox on Oct 4th 2019

    This product along with your EFAC Cream has been the only thing that has helped with the pain from the arthritis, primarily in my knees. While it has not eliminated all pain it does manage it so that I rarely need to take any OTC pain killers. I would much rather go the natural route than take pain killers that could be harmful to my body. I started with the cream and was amazed at how well it worked. This led me to think that taking the product internally would be even better especially over time. Not a cure but certainly provides a better quality to life.

  • Title of review 379

    Posted by Maria on Sep 28th 2019

    Cincinnati health institute has been very professional in fulfilling my order. Active again has saved me from replacing both knees.... going on sixth year. Very grateful


    Posted by aubrey on Oct 31st 2018

    Don't buy this from Amazon! Lots of problems for this product being mishandled on Amazon. This company always ships it fast and it is FRESH. They order frequently in small amounts AND store it appropriately.

  • A must have for me

    Posted by Anonymous User on Mar 12th 2018

    Since this was recommended by a Dr. on PBS several years ago, I have been using EFAC cream and capsules for my arthritis in my SI joint and neck. I had tried injections and many treatments without success. By using EFAC cream twice a day and taking the capsules I am able to avoid taking the pain medication with so many side effects.

Active Again (Formerly EFAC) Capsules by Hope Science