Bug Bouncer by DesBio

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Bug Bouncer is for the temporary relief of symptoms due to insect bites such as skin irritation, redness, swelling, and itching.

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Bug Bouncer 1 oz by Desbio

Skin Care

Mosquitos, ticks, and other pests can sometimes keep you from enjoying the outdoors to the fullest. Though typical spray repellants keep the bugs away, they can be a toxic blend of chemicals that you don’t want to put on you or your family.

Bug Bouncer is a safe, all natural homeopathic insect repellant. Bug Bouncer includes the repelling properties of the Delphenium plant (Staphysagria), which repels mosquitos naturally and tricks bugs into thinking you are a Delphenium flower so they stay away!
When bug bites do occur, Bug Bouncer relieves symptoms such as swelling, burning, and itching with a blend of time-tested homeopathic ingredients.
Ingredients and Dosage
Suggested Usage
1-10 drops under the tongue 2 times a day, or as directed by your health care professional.

Cedron (6C)
Grindelia (1X)
Ledum Palustre (4X)
Staphysagria (4X)
Urtica Urens (1X)

Bug Bouncer by DesBio