CellCore Biosciences

Cincinnati Health Institute is an authorized distributor of CellCore Biosciences.

CellCore Biosciences promotes the body’s natural ability to detox through Carbon Technology. They are the emerging industry leader in digestive, immune, and mitochondrial health. By formulating supplements designed to support cellular health through proprietary Carbon Technology, CellCore provides natural root-solutions. Cellcore products and customizable protocols follow a strategic order known as the Roadmap to Health.This unique sequence helps clients build proper foundational health before entering deeper phases of detoxification. Healing and restoring mitochondrial health and the gut biome set CellCore supplements apart from other brands. Carbon technology or bioactive carbons are a new class of all-in-one binders. The blend of fulvic acids, humic acids, and polyelectrolytes work in different areas of the body to help bind and remove toxins while promoting cellular repair. 


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