CX1 Activator by Systemic Formulas

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CX1 Activator by Systemic Formulas

Liquid extract of Activator #1. This formula helps energize or activate the energetics of targeted tissue or organ. Designed to be paired with a BioFunction formula that targets a specific tissue, e.g. B (Brain) + #1 (Activator) in tandem.It supports the targeted tissue’s “innate, active metabolic processes”during it’s active cycle.
• Activates, up to four times, the beneficial influences of the paired BioFunction formula.
•Provides nutrients that support hypothalamic functions.
• Increases impact of BioFunction formulas
• Bioenergetically keyed to the brain’s hypothalamus region—the executive coordinator of body regulation.

Ingredients and Dosage
As directed on product or by your health care practitioner.

CX1 Activator by Systemic Formulas