VRM4 Cell by Systemic Formulas

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VRM4 Cell by Systemic Formulas

Parasitic Support

VRM4 Cell by Systemic Formulas supplies a clinical Dose of Maracuja, Kamala and Guarana. It is formulated specifically to support an already healthy intracellular immune response. Used to combat flukes and parasites that travel via the blood or lymphatic system.

All over the earth there are small species of organisms that can impact human health. The VRM4 Cell supports the body's natural preoccupation with migrating, traveling cellular organisms. It works to support normal cellular and immune vigilance regarding unfriendly species like amoebas, protozoas and micro organisms that can easily travel through out the body using the blood or lymphatic systems, or species that may be larger, tissue traveling parasites like parasitic flatworms (flukes), that have migratory life cycles.

Kamala: Global herbal remedy from indigenous australia and ayurvedic traditions to support immune function and integrity in the GI tract.

Guarana: (Paullinia Cupana), is an herbal remedy from ancient rain forest herbal medicine, it has been used for centuries to support the intestinal tract, beyond it's more recent energy enhancing benefits. It has a lesser known function regarding microbial relations and has been used to "activate" certain herbal remedies in regards to microbial infestation.

Maracuja: (Passion Fruit) is an amazonian passion flower that has been found to be a deterrent to unwanted parasites and other invaders. This protective herb is often called Maracuja vermifugo, from the word vermifuge, which means a medicine that destroys or forces out worms and other animal parasites in the intestines.

Valerian Root: This herb is famous for supporting gastric function it is also useful in supporting the body's natural process regarding parasites.

Black Walnut: (Juglans Nigra) herbal remedy used for supporting normal digestion.

Papain: (enzyme) added to enhance the body's natural inhospitable environment to unwanted microorganisms.

Bio Challenge

Ingredients and Dosage
Suggested Usage
3 capsules daily
Kamala (Herb)
Guarana (Seed)
Sweet Wormwood (Herb)
Erva Tostao (Root)
Maracuja (Leaves)
Valerian (Root)
Black Walnut (Leaves)
Wormseed (Herb)
Fleabane (Herb)
Quassia Chips
Betel Nut
Wormseed Oil
Alfazema (Leaves)
Other Ingredients

VRM4 Cell by Systemic Formulas