B.Soothed Honey Lozenges 14ct by BeeKeeper's Naturals

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Soothes your throat while supporting your immune system with sustainably sourced natural ingredients like bee propolis.

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B.Soothed Honey Lozenges 14ct by BeeKeeper's Naturals

Not your average cough drops, these honey lozenges are made with powerful ingredients, like raw honey, propolis, Vitamin D and zinc, that promote immune health while soothing dry, scratchy throats. (And they taste great, too.)

CLEAN & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our honey lozenges only contain 1 gram of sugar and have absolutely no refined sugars! Formulated with nature-sourced ingredients, these cough drops do not contain any unnecessary additives like maltodextrin, glucose syrup, soy lecithin, or artificial dyes and flavors.
IMMUNE SUPPORT LOZENGES: When it comes to immune support, you can't beat nature's remedies. With ingredients like bee propolis, raw honey, zinc and Vitamin D, Beekeeper’s Naturals cuts zero corners to formulating the purest & effective remedies.
CLEAN COUGH DROPS: Our delicious natural cough drops are formaulted with clean ingredients from the hive and nature! B.Soothed Honey Lozenges are cough drops that help soothe a scratchy throat while supporting overall immune health.
POWERED BY NATURE: We're all about efficacy! We aren’t just creating cleaner alternatives to the traditional medicine cabinet; we’re creating all-around cleaner products. We merge modern science with natural medicine to create natural remedies that actually work.

Ingredients and Dosage
Take 1 lozenge as needed to soothe scratchy throats and support that immune system. Take a mindful moment to let the drop melt on your tongue.
Vitamin D
Bee Propolis Extract
Other Ingredients
Chicory Root Fiber
Tapioca Syrup

B.Soothed Honey Lozenges 14ct by BeeKeeper's Naturals