Exclusive Brands at Cincinnati Health Institute

Oct 20th 2023

Certain brands require you to be signed into an account to access their products; they are professional-grade supplements and are not sold to the general public. Browse exclusive brands like Biogenetix, Biotics Research, Dee Cee Labs, Ideal Protein, Perque, Powerstep Protech, Standard Process and Zorex; Cincinnati Health Institute is an authorized distributor of these exclusive, member-only bra …
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The Impact of Mitochondria on Overall Health

Sep 29th 2023

As functional medicine establishes its foothold on overall health and patients seek a better understanding of a holistic healthcare approach, more and more research points to mitochondrial health and dysfunction as the root cause of many health conditions. By supporting these subcellular dynamos, you replenish immune defenses, metabolism, detox pathways, and healthy aging. What are mitochondri …
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How Clean is your Fish Oil?

Sep 26th 2023

Did you know that the process of catching a fish and processing the oil to the point where it can be put in a capsule takes well over a YEAR?The Journal of Nutritional Science reported in November 2015 that 50% of omega-3 fatty acid supplements purchased by researchers in Canada failed tests for freshness and exceeded limits for oxidation. Here's an example overview of the process: After fis …
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Don't Feel the Burn-Natural Sunburn Relief

Jul 18th 2023

Summer is here, and we hope everyone is doing their part and using the proper sunscreen. Most of us know sunscreen is important, but sun damage still happens. Not reapplying sunscreen regularly, not using the right grade SPF for your skin tone, going out in the sun during peak times, and staying out too long can contribute to sunburn. Most of us have suffered some type of sun damage; while it isn …
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