CoQ10 60 ct. by BodyBio

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CoQ10 supplement vital to cellular & mitochondrial healthAuthorized Distributor

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CoQ10 60 ct. by BodyBio

Breakthrough cellular technology for targeted absorption of CoQ10 - vital to cellular & mitochondrial health.

CoQ10 belongs to a group of substances known as ubiquinones. These molecules are known to have cardioprotective, cytoprotective, and neuroprotective properties. The antioxidant characteristic of CoQ10 works in the mitochondria—the power plants—and in the membranes of cells, where it prevents oxidation. It also inhibits the oxidation of LDL cholesterol to support heart health.*

CoQ10 is made by the body and shares a common pathway with cholesterol. Levels of CoQ10 decline as humans age. Additionally, some drugs, such as the statins used to control cholesterol levels, inhibit the body's manufacture of the enzyme.


  • Support energy production for mitochondria*
  • Facilitate delivery of energy (ATP) to cells*
  • Foundational support for cardiovascular health*
  • Important antioxidant in your mitochondria, cell membranes, and lipoproteins*
  • Promote cellular health*
  • May support healthy fertility*

Ingredients and Dosage

Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, take one softgel daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Medium chain triglycerides
Bone gelatin (bovine)
Purified water
Beeswax (yellow)
Lecithin (soy)
Annatto suspension in sunflower oil

CoQ10 60 ct. by BodyBio