Male Stimulant by DesBio

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Male Stimulant is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to male hormonal problems such as libido difficulties and fatigue.

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Male Stimulant by DesBio

Hormone Support

Male Stimulant
contains homeopathic dilutions of hormones, gonadal sarcodes, bowel nosodes, and phenolics that temporarily relieve symptoms related to andropause or other male hormonal imbalance, such as low libido, fatigue, emotional or mood issues, and urinary problems.

Ingredients and Dosage
Suggested Usage
Adults 3 to 10 drops under the tongue, 3 times daily or as directed by your health professional. Consult your physician for use with children under 12 years of age.

aralia quinquefolia (4X)
Agnus Castus (6X)
Ascorbic Acid (6X)
Caladium Seguinum (6X)
Kali Bromatum (6X)
Strychninum Phosphoricum (6X)
Cantharis (8X)
Damiana (8X)
Funiculis Umbilicalis Suis (8X)
Glandula suprarenalis suis (8X)
Orchitinum (8X)
Pituitaria Glandula (8X)
Prostate (8X)
Conium Maculatum (8X 28X)
Diencephalon (8X 30X 200X)
Heart (8X 30X 200X)
Ferrum phosphoricum (10X)
Magnesia Phosphorica (10X)
Selenium Metallicum (10X)
Zincum Metallicum (10X)
Pineal Gland (12X 30X 200X)
Cortisone Aceticum (13X)
Manganum Phosphoricum (20X)
Lycopodium Clavatum (28X)
Testosterone (30X 60X 200X)
Morgan Gaertner (30C 200C)

2 Reviews

  • Title of review 753

    Posted by Steve Bowker on May 30th 2021

  • Great stuff!!

    Posted by Steven Brody on Dec 25th 2019

    I've used the desbio detox kit, and hcg several times and have lost over 80lbs in 2019. Great products. My only wish would be that I could get the products a little faster once ordered. But it usually takes 7-10 days for delivery, so it's really not bad considering the good price and good products. Thanks Cincinnati Health Institute!

Male Stimulant by DesBio