Bluelight Blocking Glasses by Hedron

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Blocks artifical blue light and shields from radiation, working to support a healthy sleep schedule.

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Bluelight Blocking Glasses by Hedron

Exposure to artificial light is often one of the most overlooked health risks of the 21st century as it is hugely affecting our circadian rhythm, or our internal clock. In the morning, bright, blue-light-rich sunlight signals our bodies to wake up, and in the evening, the darkness signals to our bodies that it is time to go to sleep. However, today in developed countries, it is no longer the norm to go to sleep once the sun sets like it once was for our ancestors. Instead, we fill our days and our evenings with artificial blue-light from LED lights, gaming equipment, computers, televisions, and smartphones.

It is now becoming clear that the easiest and least inexpensive measure to protect your body’s internal rhythm and support healthy sleep is by wearing blue-light blocking glasses. For optimal affect, blue-light blocking glasses should be worn whenever you are exposed to artificial light, not just in the evening.


  1. Transforms UV and high energy blue light into green, yellow, orange and red visible light spectrums
  2. Transforms Blue LED light into eye comfortable light (resulting in relaxation)
  3. When transformed, UV and high energy blue light are optimized according to the natural sensitivity of the eyes
  4. Enables sharper vision
  5. Optimizes brain function (harmonizes EEG signals)
  6. Regulates neuroendocrinology actions; increases serotonin and regulates the serotonin/melatonin ratio (which decreases depression and insomnia)
  7. Influences the body clock – circadian rhythm (regulates blood pressure and temperature)

Bluelight Blocking Glasses by Hedron