Smart Meter Shield by Hedron

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Protects your home from the RF radiation that is emitted from smart meters.

Product Details

Smart Meter Shield by Hedron

Protect your home from RF Radiation! Did you know that a smart meter on your home pushes an exponentially higher amount of radiation directly into your living space than an area cell phone tower? This frequency is inundating your entire home and family with its extremely detrimental EMF.

No need to worry! The Hedron Smart Meter Shield safely blocks approximately 98% of the radio frequency/microwave radiation emitted from smart meters.

Key Features:

  • SAFE & EASY INSTALLATION: Just slide over the glass portion of the smart meter and you're done!
  • DURABLE: Stainless steel construction built to withstand all weather conditions.
  • PORTABLE: Easy to take on/off - take it with you if you move.
  • EFFECTIVE: Blocks ~98% of smart meter radiation, while still allowing the utility company to receive a signal.

Smart Meter Shield by Hedron